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I'm a curious Italian guy with a huge passion for technical stuff.
During the years I learned a bunch of programming languages and developed a considerable amount of skills.
After focusing my studies on the artificial intelligence, I worked as web developer and as IT support technician in Italy for a while, before deciding to move to Dublin.
Here I picked up a few contracts as a freelancer and worked as an IT one man army for a startup company related to the world of financial trading.
I'm always hungry for knowledge and looking for new experiences so, whenever you're up to do something fun and new, count me in!

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New technologies
3D printing

Curriculum Vitae

I would like to find a job position, which would allow me to use my talents and pursue my passion for the IT industry. I also hope to learn new skills and to gain valuable experience.

I told you a bit about myself, now it's up to you.
If you would like to know more do not hesitate in contacting me, I'll be happy to answer any query.

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